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  • How do I order a custom garment?
    message us and tell us the item you have chosen ("namaste" short, "groovy" etc.) include your exact measurements including hip circumference at widest point (incl. your butt). sizes vary with recycled garments, so original sizes may not be accurate. include any design ideas, themes, motifs you want (names, dates etc.) once we have communicated about your design and size, purchase the item pictured. as soon as you have purchased your garment, we will begin custom creating it for you.
  • Can I send my own denim to have hand-painted?
    YES! You certainly can :) Please keep in mind that this will not change the price listed. The cost is for the handmade artwork, not for the fabric or garment itself.
  • Can I return or exchange my garment?
    SORRY. No returns or refunds. A custom made item has been made especially for YOU and we will have communicated regarding the exact size & design details to insure a perfect fit! Each artfink piece is a unique, exclusive wearable work of art.
  • How long will my custom garment take?
    As soon as you purchase, we will begin custom making your garment. It normally takes 7-10 days—plus shipping. Free shipping within the US :)
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